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Naga, Wraith, Vampire in a Bar
A Naga, A Wraith, and a Vampire Walk into a Bar
"Okay, okay, this is a good one - hey, are you listening? Hey, listen!"
"If we listen," the normally silent Vampire Lord murmured, shuffling the five cards in his hand with surprising dexterity, "Will you shut up?"
"Hey," Tyrel frowned, his bottom lip almost pouting, "That's not very nice." He paused, considering, "And its not like I'm even really that noisy or anything."
"Aren't you supposed to be part snake?" Zephier's voice echoed in their minds, dry and raspy, skin blue-grey and highly translucent. He was arranging his hand as well, though with the use of his mind as his body was not solid enough to physically move things; the cards floated before his body, his hands relaxed on the table, "You are noisy. I would think a Naga to be a silent, deadly predator, not some babbling loud mouth."
"That's not very nice either."
"Nor would I expect one of your nature to care about niceties anyway," Quain respon
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We are the same as Azathoth.  We see but do not understand, so we are blind.  We speak to each other, but it is not understood, so we babble.  Those combined make our society insane. The killing, the destruction, but how can we stop our deepest nature, for in madness is not destruction a form of creation.  We cannot do what we want for we are kept asleep by outside forces, laws of physics, laws of the government, life, just as Azathoth is kept asleep by pipers.

We are more like He Who is Blind and Babbles than most would like to admit.  H.P. Lovecraft was right in describing a creature that truly represents the human soul and capability.


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Burning the world cause its fun!
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